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4 Breaths 40 Days

Students learn 4 breaths in 40 days, empowering them to break through negative blocks and create new habits. Each breath in this powerful sequence is accessible, easy-to-learn, and a non-confrontational tool for creating the mind-body connection

All new yoga deck from ABC Breathe.

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The Breath Connection

Breath is our guide, our sage, our knowledge.

Can we create a friendship with it and breathe consciously during our quest?

Can we create connections with the other conscious breathers for 40 days?

Can we share the 4 breaths and what gives us room to breathe?

We Believe

...in the power of the breath to connect the mind and body.

... in the power of the noble teacher to connect students to each other.

... in the power of the royal students to connect classrooms state wide. Nation wide. World wide.

Let’s breathe together.

Harness Healthy Habits

Practice a powerful set daily in your classroom. Commit with your students  to repeat your new, uplifting habit for 40 days and see for yourself. For the best results, breathe together at the same time each day, allowing your biorhythms to set the new frequency.


Simple Concept Difficult Challenge

Based on science and research, it takes 40 days to create a habit and break through negative mental blocks. Breathing technology offers specific practices to adjust undesirable habits. This allows transformation, renewal, repair and regeneration individually and as a classroom unit.

Local Breathing Partners

Saint Joseph's Catholic School

Alexander II

Veterans Elementary

Appling Middle School

Ballard-Hudson Middle School

The Madison Studio

Sparks Yoga

Get Involved

With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always lack enthusiastic partners, breathing trainers and volunteers. Please contact us for more information on how you can get involved.