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Harmonize With Emotions

Emotions share rich information about your condition when you connect with the elements, frequencies and patterns of them.

Each emotion has an intelligence to contribute to your majesty.

These inclusive, expansive and relational breathing ventures offer the experience of co-creating wonder with worry and action with anger.

It takes radical respiration to rise up in these challenging times. Rooting into the richness of your rhythm and breaking the shackles of compression, repression, suppression, and oppression can synchronize, divert and elevate your emotions.

*May lead to higher emotional social intelligence

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Co-create real radiant and royal states of wonder through rhythmic breaths with your worries. Form a relationship within that supports your wondrous worries so they can assist your contribution to the world. That’s golden.

 Root into Breath of Joy. Wash Out the mold from old stagnant anxiety. Power up your organ system. Rise up rooted as you drop your worries free.

That's golden. 


*May lead to supreme sovereignty

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Anger's intelligence contributes to our desired outcomes. Connect with the element of fire, and the frequencies and patterns of anger to co-create higher, deeper actions.

Passionately manage with your anger! This radically royal 4 breath sequence will help dislodge the ashes of oppressed rages and depressed desires. Transmute the fire of anger into power to use for the greater good. Your renewed sensitivity can lead to increased sensibility.

All together now. Carry the force of good. 

How rich in eloquence and loftiness of style. The Mighty Breath will help us all smile. 

*May lead to extreme excellency.